Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Think again if you're trying to get around the Iranian trade embargo.

US exposes 'threat' posed by Iranian arms procurement networks -- "The US Department of Justice reports that it has exposed a procurement scam designed to smuggle fighter jet components to Iran. Omid Khalili, an Iranian national, pleaded guilty today in a US court to attempting to illegally export fighter jet or military aircraft from the United States to Iran."

Credit gets you...everywhere.

Banks used to ease supply chain pressure -- "Big construction groups are turning to banks to help ease the pressure on their supply chains as companies in the sector fall victim to the dual strains of weak demand and constricted lending."

"Lenders have seen an uptake of so-called supply chain finance, where the creditworthiness of the lead contractor is used to bridge the invoicing gap and allow quick payments to smaller companies that provide it with goods and services."

Borrow wisely, we say -- after all, "the early payment would not necessarily mitigate against insolvency if the smaller suppliers were struggling on jobs for other contractors."

If you're in the Chicago area...

Join MetalMiner at the Harbor 3rd Annual Aluminum Conference -- MetalMiner's Lisa Reisman is speaking in Chicago tomorrow at the third annual Harbor Aluminum Outlook Conference. Her topic will discuss "Best Aluminum Sourcing Practices When Hedging Is Not Viable." Several sessions will cover aluminum's price volatility as well as strategies for mitigating price risk, a popular topic in terms of base metals these days.

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