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How do you choose your policy?

Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny? -- "In our times, American democracy is being dismantled, piece by piece, before our very eyes by the current administration in Washington, and few people seem to be concerned about it. The president's poll numbers are going down because increasing numbers of people disagree with particular policies of his, but the damage being done to the fundamental structure of this nation goes far beyond particular counterproductive policies."

The concept of "useful idiots" can also apply to procurement, finance and operations organizations. If you have too many of them around the office, maybe that's a signal about where your company is headed.

Remember the volcanic ash cloud?? British Airways doesn't either.

BAA profit guidance shakes off ash and BA strikes -- "BAA has revised down its 2010 earnings forecast by £10m, despite the disruption caused by volcanic ash, the BA strikes and snow. The cumulative loss from these factors was £40m but was offset by better-than-expected passenger growth."

People still gotta fly...

Planning to go to the Olympics in 2012? Bring your Visa. Only.

Olympics 2012: Fans must use Visa for tickets -- "Sports fans who want to buy tickets by card for the London 2012 Olympics will only be able to use the Visa payments system. The restrictions are part of the sponsorship deal struck between Visa and the Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Ah, yes, The Olympics. Bringing sports fans together around the world to celebrate suburb athleticism and...corporate sponsorship payment method monopoly.

It's out.

Eager Consumers Buy iPhone 4 -- "Wall Street is expecting the new model to help Apple sell about 37 million iPhones this fiscal year ending in September, up about 78.7% from 20.7 million a year earlier. Kaufman Bros. expects Apple to sell about 9 million units in the current quarter ending June 30, with 1.5 million to 2 million units coming from iPhone 4 sales."


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