Headed To CombineNet

I'm headed to CombineNet's headquarters in Pittsburgh tomorrow, taking up an offer from the company to come and visit. I also plan to stop by and catch up with some old friends at Co-eXprise in the afternoon before heading home. I look forward to reporting back what I learn on Spend Matters in the coming days, especially regarding CombineNet's overall solution strategy and approach. If you want to have me drill down on any areas in particular, please drop a line. I'm most interested in hearing about CombineNet's approaches for growing the business as well as their intended software / services mix going forward, including R&D plans and how they see the broader sourcing market unfolding (and their role within it). I think we'd all agree there's room in advanced sourcing / optimization -- included but not limited to transportation / freight -- market for CombineNet to become a larger player if they get their cards right. I view it as my job this week to report on how they're shuffling the deck as they deal themselves a new hand.

Jason Busch

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