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Welcome to your flight, have a...stand.

Ryanair to sell £5 tickets for standing-room only flights -- Michael O'Leary, the airline's chief executive, will set out proposals today that include charging customers to use the loo. A standing area with "vertical seats" will be introduced at the back of its fleet of 250 planes. He said that charging customers £1 to make use of facilities would encourage travelers on one hour flights to use lavatories at the airport instead of on the aircraft.

I've flown Ryanair twice and I really have no desire to do so again. The camel I rode in Morocco was a better form of transportation.

The US Economy: Which Way Next? THIS way next.

Lisa and business partner Stuart share dueling viewpoints on where the economy is truly headed over on MetalMiner. Stuart's viewpoint here, Lisa's here.

China takes to TV in English.

China's Xinhua launches global English TV channel -- China's state news agency Xinhua has launched a 24-hour global news channel in English. Officials said CNC World would present "an international vision with a China perspective." The launch is being seen as an attempt by China to develop its influence abroad and counter foreign media views.

A very well written "Amazon bought us" CEO to employees e-mail.

When Woot! Was purchased by Amazon, the CEO sent out a hilarious e-mail.

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