Spend Matters Friday Latte

Big Google news.

Google enters travel market with flight data purchase -- Search engine giant Google has entered the travel market after acquiring flight information firm ITA Software. ITA provides software that organises fares, flight and journey times that are used by airlines, travel agents and flight comparison sites such as Orbitz.

I'm both freakishly please/terrified about how much of my life Google controls. They know me. And now they'll know where I go...

McDonald's mitigates supply shortage risk.

McDonald's Cuts Aggressive Smoothie Promos Ahead of U.S. Launch -- McDonald's Corp. is warning restaurants to chill out on Smoothie promotions so the chain has adequate supply when the product is launched nationally this month. Smoothies, the latest in an expanding beverage line at McDonald's, will be backed by a national marketing campaign starting July 13, but some restaurants, already stocked with the drink mix, have begun selling the product, in some cases without the company's permission.

Who would have thought that McDonald's could plan better than Apple in terms of releasing new products? Hm.

Hey, wanna head to Blockbuster and rent a movie?? Too bad.

Blockbuster Will Be Delisted -- Blockbuster Inc. shares were suspended and delisted by the New York Stock Exchange, effective next Wednesday, after the troubled video-rental chain failed to address its lack of compliance with NYSE listing standards.

When's the last time you even rented a movie that wasn't Netflix or Redbox??

FINALLY: a melding of finance and poetry.

Finance and Poetry, Together At Last -- Mr. Perkins had just returned from a liquor-soaked golf weekend with colleagues in June of last year when he sat down in front of his laptop at his home east of London and started to place bets on Brent crude futures, according to a report by the Financial Services Authority. He continued to drink and place bets through the night, and by the morning of June 30, Mr. Perkins had placed more than $520 million worth of trades, at one point pushing the price of oil to $73.05, an eight-month high. The trades by Mr. Perkins were the main reason the price gained about $1.65 a barrel in just over two hours in the middle of the night, according to the report.

Happy 4th of July weekend, everybody. Be sure to read Jason's holiday post on Monday, and I'll be back on Tuesday (hopefully sans fireworks injuries, but with me, you never know).

Sheena Moore

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