Spend Matters Friday Latte

Facebook is telling the government what to do.

Ministers turn to Facebook users for cuts suggestions -- The government has announced a tie-up with the Facebook website as it seeks new ideas on spending cuts. The social networking site says it has 23 million members in the UK and has agreed to ask them to submit and vote on ideas for where cuts can be made.

Perhaps someday soon we can just vote by using the "Like" button!!! Ugh.

China's selling tainted milk. Again.

China dairy products found tainted with melamine -- Chinese food safety officials have seized 64 tonnes of raw dairy materials contaminated with the toxic industrial chemical melamine. The Chinese state news agency, Xinhua, reported that the quality watchdog in Qinghai province took the material from a dairy plant there.

More reason to delve as deeply as possible into regulating your supply chain, no matter where the products come from. "Mitigate" is actually a favorite word of mine.

"Resources are scarce."

Pentagon's Next Mission: Cutting Back on Spending -- When people from opposite ends of the political spectrum come together to agree on something in Washington, you can be pretty sure a trend is taking shape. And so it was this week when Rep. Ron Paul, conservative/libertarian Republican of the right, and Rep. Barney Frank, liberal Democrat of the left, co-published a commentary on the Huffington Post website titled: "Why We Must Reduce Military Spending." Amid rising government deficits, it said, there should be "substantial cuts in the projected levels of Pentagon spending."

And finally, the IMPORTANT NEWS: Math vs. Octopus

What are the chances Paul the octopus is right? -- Germany's oracle octopus, Paul, has become a worldwide celebrity for his apparent ability to accurately predict the outcome of football matches. Chris Budd, professor of applied mathematics at the University of Bath, says that even highly experienced people find it difficult to predict the outcome of a football game, and compares Paul's feat of "prophesy" to the tossing of a coin.

I'm actually rooting for Spain. So, Paul: I hope your prediction comes true.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Sheena Moore

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