Friday Rant: An Update on Spend Matters' Business Direction

From time to time, I think it's useful to level with readers about the direction of Spend Matters as well as where we see the most potential for us to voice a useful and expanding resonance in the market. The rest of this year will see the biggest enhancement to Spend Matters' overall footprint in the sourcing and procurement worlds since we started the site in the fall of 2004. As you might imagine, based on our focus to date, we'll be continuing with the core blog and research business, and potentially leveraging additional experts to contribute in these areas. I'll still be as much a part of both Spend Matters and Spend Matters research as ever, but I'll also be working with some other new faces in expanded areas that I'll hint at here.

For one, we've realized that Purchasing's unfortunate demise has opened up a significant void in the coverage of commodity markets from a procurement perspective. Given the need for greater coverage of commodity markets, MetalMiner, Spend Matters' sister publication, will soon become more tightly integrated with Spend Matters. And who knows -- based on where this direction takes us, we might decide to pursue other commodity markets as well. But regardless of the longer-term opportunity, I look forward to working much more closely with Lisa Reisman and Stuart Burns to provide coverage of the metals markets on a global basis as part of one team rather than two.

From a staffing perspective, we'll nearly double our headcount to five full-time team members (heck, at our size, it's a pretty easy thing to do) in the coming weeks, to support the growth of the business. In the coming months, we'll also be dipping our toes in the waters when it comes to launching global affiliates. I've been working hard to identify people like me in other countries who love procurement as much as I do, but also approach it with a sense of humor, expertise and writing capability that is unique. So far, I've identified one individual who is keen to work with us -- and we are keen to work with him -- in covering a regional market. We hope to officially launch these efforts by early in the fall timeframe, so stay tuned.

Jason Busch

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