Spend Matters Friday Latte

Dreaming of the Dreamliner's final delivery.

Boeing's broken assurances keep lowering expectations -- When I asked aviation consultant Scott Hamilton about how the latest possible setback might affect Boeing's credibility, he was succinct: "What credibility?" said Hamilton, of Leeham Co. "Seriously, Wall Street has long since been skeptical of anything Boeing says. This is a big yawner today." In other words, the goodwill Boeing rebuilt when the Dreamliner finally made its first flight has been dissipated by the delay over improperly installed horizontal stabilizers and Thursday's warning that it might not make its delivery to Japan's ANA by the end of the year. Dissipation might turn ugly if Boeing were to hold up the program too many more times. If a delay of a "few weeks" into the new year dragged into the end of the first quarter, investors and customers might not just yawn. The sharp questions wouldn't just concern the unwieldy supply chain, but the chain of executive decisions and leadership as well.

The freezer aisle goes green.

FirstCarbon to Help Plastic Food Tray Maker Track Supply Chain Emissions -- A company that makes billions of frozen food trays every year has tapped FirstCarbon's ghgTrack software to help it measure and manage its carbon footprint Associated Packaging Technologies (APT) will also use the software to track and reduce emissions generated by its global supply chain. The company bills itself as the world's top producer of Crystallized Polyethylene Terephthalate (CPET) dual-ovenable plastic containers, with 2.5 billion produced annually.

iPhone users want the Cloud.

-- NPD Group conducted a survey of around 50 million American iTunes users, and discovered that over a quarter of those would be interested in a free, over-the-air, internet based music streaming service. The other option given to customers was a $10 per month subscription package. Around 7-8 million people showed an interest in that setup. For that ten bucks, the user would hope to receive access to streaming music, or access to their own personal playlists from different devices.

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