The Benefits of Clearing My Plate — What's Coming Up on Spend Matters

There are an awful lot of changes going on at Spend Matters behind the scenes right now focused on scaling the business and improving what we do. More has happened in the past two weeks than in the six years of building this site to date. Many of these changes are focused on freeing me up to do what I enjoy most – speaking, research and writing (including, most likely, a book or two in the coming years). As part of this, I'm intentionally doing far less consulting than I've ever done since launching Spend Matters, except for limited advisory work. Right now, I'm only setting aside eight days per quarter for vendor and end-user advisory projects (which will result in about a 400% decrease year over year). Yet I'm also more focused than ever on entertaining free discussions and dialogues with practitioners by sharing and trading thoughts on vendor packages and selection.

When it comes to Spend Matters, what's even more important is that with additional writing and research time, I've also added additional team members who are taking commercial planning and administrative oversight off my plate. This has already allowed me to come up for air in the past week. It's also shown me how delayed I've been in a number of vendor write-ups and updates. In the coming weeks, I'll be providing a number of over-due introductions and updates to providers including a detailed series on CombineNet (starting this week). I'll also be providing significant detail on Science Warehouse, Pool4Tool, Co-eXprise, D&B, Science Warehouse, Trade Extensions and a number of others.

As a related aside, I received a few questions from folks last week that have called or e-mail to inquire about why we're changing our briefing approach, creating some formality around it. Some have expressed concern about the wait to get a hold of me and set up briefing times, especially regarding product announcements. By all means, if there is something urgent or breaking, drop our team a line. We can't guarantee time to speak or have briefings on short notice, but we'll definitively review the materials. Also, if you don't want to wait until the fall to brief us on the phone in set briefing hours, I've started to encourage people to make the trek to Chicago for in-person briefings in our humble new office. If you're planning a trip to the windy city, we'll try and accommodate your schedule if we can, especially later in the afternoons.

Jason Busch

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