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FDA gets more say.

New Bill Proposes Giving FDA Greater Drug Recall, Supply Chain Authority -- The bill, if passed, would give the FDA the power to recall drugs that it believes are dangerous. Currently, the FDA can only warn that a drug is unsafe and recommend that a manufacturer recall the drug. The manufacturer voluntarily agrees to remove the drug from the market. The bill would also allow the FDA to track the increasingly complicated and intricate supply lines for drug companies, so that it would know the supplier for every ingredient.

In more "things we ingest" supply chain news...

Cloned meat enters UK food chain via US cow -- The consumer will ultimately decide whether there is a future for cloned meat and dairy in the food supply chain according to the National Farmers' Union (NFU). The comments by NFU director of policy Martin Haworth come in the wake of an investigation by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) into reports that products from the offspring of cloned animals have entered the UK food chain. The FSA has traced two bulls born in the UK from embryos harvested from a cloned cow in the US. One bull, born in December 2006, was slaughtered in July 2009 where its meat entered the food chain. A second bull, born in March 2007, was slaughtered on 27 July 2010 but the meat was discovered before consumption.

It's like if Graham Greene wrote a procurement novel...

Vietnam Buys French To Screw China -- But how did France suddenly replace Russia as the major military supplier? There were several reasons, the major one being the recognition that Western military equipment and doctrine was superior to what the Chinese and Russians were selling. There was also the realization that Russia and China were getting pretty cozy, and that Russia and China also had a centuries old real estate dispute over who should really own Russia's far eastern provinces. If China wanted to renew old disputes with Vietnam, Russia would not be much help. China only has to bring up those old territorial claims, and Russia backs away from helping Vietnam in any way.

Buy now, save spend later, or wait now and save jobs?

iPad trial at Leicester City Council sparks union anger -- A union has criticised Leicester City Council for considering buying iPads for its councillors - despite planning up to 1,000 job cuts. Four councillors are trialling the use of the hand-held Apple devices, which could be bought for all 54 councillors and some senior officers. The city council has announced it has to find £100m in savings by 2015. Unison said the move was outrageous.

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