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The screen's the thing.

Screen supplies the holiday story, especially if Apple unveils 7-inch iPad -- The technology supply chain going into the holiday season is focused on one thing going: Screens. Will there be enough LCD screens produced to meet demand for all of those smartphones, slates and tablets in the pipeline?

Super models and the supply chain.

Why Naomi Campbell's testimony at The Hague matters -- Today, The Hague will occupy a spotlight usually reserved for Paris, Milan and New York. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is scheduled to testify at the trial of Charles Taylor, the notorious former Liberian president who is charged with crimes against humanity -- including murder, sexual slavery and violence, and enslavement -- as well as acts of terrorism and torture.

See ya, internet neutrality.

Report: Google and Verizon to strike deal on 'tiered' internet -- Consumers could soon see a new, tiered system, which, like cable television, imposes higher costs for premium levels of service. Any agreement between Verizon and Google could also upend the efforts of the Federal Communications Commission to assert its authority over broadband service, which was severely restricted by a federal appeals court decision in April.

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