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Bad ideas: Lurking in the practitioner world.

RFP Revolution Overdue: Overhaul Needed To 'Antiquated, Expensive' Routine -- Although the request for proposals process has long been a mainstay in the travel management process, change is overdue. The existing routine is an antiquated, expensive, time-consuming system that offers as many negative aspects as positive ones. Travel buyers need to move to a simpler, more productive method of obtaining the best rates and services. Indeed, the RFP model should be renamed either Really Frustrating Process or Reason For Poison.

And after we eliminate the RFP process, we can all make a supplier "hug/trust circle" and sing Kumbaya! Who needs the possibility of new, better suppliers when you have a "trusting" relationship and "Letters of Agreement" with your current ones?? While I realize that many customer/buyer relationships can indeed be long term and successful, I still believe that there is always room for innovation. If someone else can do it better and cheaper, RFP away.

SAP takes the blame.

SAP accepts liability in Oracle lawsuit -- SAP said it would accept liability for some claims made by Oracle in a suit that alleges theft of trade secrets, but SAP will continue to fight what it called Oracle's "vastly exaggerated" claim for billions of dollars in damages. The development comes about three months before the two sides are due to go to trial, in a case Oracle filed more than three years ago over the alleged conduct of SAP's TomorrowNow subsidiary.

A step closer for China and the WTO, or no?

China on WTO pact offer: Don't be 'too demanding' -- China wants to join a World Trade Organisation pact on government procurement but says other members should not be "too demanding" on its improved offer, the country's WTO ambassador has said. In an interview published Friday in the official China Daily, WTO envoy Sun Zhenyu said it would take "time and effort" to improve Beijing's offer, but that it wanted to join "as soon as possible." The government procurement agreement (GPA) regulates trade in public-sector purchases. Western nations are keen for China to join, as its accession would open up its multi-billion-dollar state contracts market to foreign bidders.

Bring it on home?

New U.S. Visa Fees Would Hit Indian Firms -- Legislation that passed the U.S. Senate late Thursday would significantly increase fees for skilled-worker visas, a move that would deal a financial blow to Indian technology-outsourcing companies who send thousands of employees to the U.S. each year. The measure, which was attached to a $600 million border-security spending bill that senators passed just before leaving for the August recess, would require companies who have more than half their U.S. employees on H1-B or L-1 visas to pay thousands of dollars in special new fees for each worker.

I'm sure I could find some sort of procurement/spend management angle for this, but I'm mostly just proud of my rowers.

Row to Recovery: Team of Survivors R.O.W to Fight Cancer -- NBC Chicago did a feature on the amazing women I have the pleasure of coaching every Monday evening, rain or shine.

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