Welcoming Nucor as a Spend Matters/MetalMiner Affiliate Sponsor

It's rare that I get the chance to associate with a group or organization where I see eye-to-eye to on most issues (I think in the software industry, it's next to impossible, in fact). However, when it comes to issues of global trade, sustainability, manufacturing and building the strength of the overall domestic economy, there are few organizations I respect -- and usually agree with -- more than Nucor. For those who are not in the metals business or metals sourcing world, Nucor is best described as the Southwest Airlines of the steel industry. Tenaciously scrappy and decentralized, intelligent, engaging and opinionated: Nucor plays by a new set of rules to win on the local and global stage, and is committed to innovation.

Nucor is the corporate poster-child for companies that want to run lean and mean. According to Wikpedia, "Nucor is highly decentralized in its operations ... there are only five managerial levels at Nucor (supervisor/professional, department manager, division general manager, executive vice president, and President/CEO). Most operating decisions are made at the division level or lower. In addition, Nucor claims that its corporate office staff numbers around 75 employees, which may possibly be the smallest number of corporate office employees among major corporations." Nucor's operating structure and decentralized model helps them to rapidly adjust to the changing market environment.

Given their radical approach to doing business that changed an entire market, I'm thrilled to announce that Nucor has become a Lead Sponsor of MetalMiner and a MetalMiner Affiliate Spend Matters sponsor. We've created this new category of sponsorship on Spend Matters for basic industry, producer and distribution organizations serving the industrial markets looking to gain additional exposure to the broader Spend Matters procurement and supply chain audience, in addition to taking a Lead Sponsorship in the MetalMiner community. While Nucor will join numerous other organizations that have worked with both sites over the years, we've jointly defined a program with them that will be different from other sponsorships.

For one, Nucor is interested in helping drive and join the broader manufacturing conversation taking place in both a focused (e.g., MetalMiner) and a broader buying and operational (e.g., Spend Matters) community and new media destinations. As part of this plan, Nucor will guest author posts on both sites, and CEO Dan DiMicco (who is one of the most outspoken advocates for domestic manufacturing in the world today) will personally take a lead in contributing his own thoughts when time permits. All Nucor generated material or Nucor sponsored events (e.g. videos, webinars, etc.) will be marked as such to ensure both MetalMiner and Spend Matters readers can easily identify sponsor vs. editorial content.

We are thrilled to have Nucor join the buying and supply chain conversation taking place on Spend Matters and the focused metals conversations on MetalMiner. Nobody has been as outspoken an advocate of US manufacturing as Nucor. We believe Nucor's passion, history of innovation and tenacity represent all that is great about US manufacturing and we are thrilled to have Nucor join our collective media sites as full participants.

Nucor's perspectives on these issues will undoubtedly spur many interesting discussions that we hope will benefit Spend Matters and MetalMiner readers particularly as they relate to the specifics of US manufacturing policy. We hope to add our own perspectives to these topics as well, as MetalMiner and Spend Matters continue to encourage readers to look at the big picture surrounding many of the sourcing and related decisions they make every day.

Jason Busch

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