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Ohio says no to BPO.

Ohio Prohibits Use Of Public Funds For Offshore Outsourcing -- "Outsourcing jobs does not reflect Ohio values," Strickland said. "Ohioans have been among the hardest hit by more than a decade of unfair trade agreements and the trickle-down economic policies that promoted offshoring jobs at the expense of Ohioans who work for a living. We must do everything within our power to prevent outsourcing jobs because it undermines our economic development objectives, slows our recovery and deprives Ohioans and other Americans of employment opportunities."

Procurement in...Guam?

One man's plan to change public procurement -- With the release of the 2nd Edition of his Guam Procurement Process Primer, John Brown hopes to bring some clarity to local procurement, a process that, time and again, has cost the local community valuable time and money. "It would be my goal to get everybody on Guam on the same page so we all understood what the law was or pretty much was. And then we could just argue the facts, which is what lawyers tend to do. And that would cut down on a lot of the unnecessary disputes," he explained.

CSR -- using energy from the heat of -- milk??

CSR and sustainable supply chains -- A new CSR-driven initiative by UK supermarket Morrisons, and First Milk, a dairy-famer owned business is a good example of a sustainable supply chain. The organisations have joined forces to test the viability of using wind-turbines to generate and use or sell electricity. The trials will also examine how to recover heat from bulk milk tanks.

Getting the most for your investment in a single diaper?

Woman Uses Dirty Diaper in Road Rage Fit: Police -- An argument between two women had a messy (and stinky) ending when one pulled a dirty diaper out of her car.

Now there's getting multiple uses out of a single product.

Sheena Moore

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