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Some procurement humor in the form of poetry.

Fog of Hype: the accidental poetry of business -- They pretty much speak for themselves. Enjoy.

Cut the defense budget: one guy suggests how.

Plan to Cut the Defense Budget by $150 Billion Over Five Years -- A few days ago, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced that he would like to see the Defense Department cut $100 billion from the defense budget over the next five years. As someone who has studied the defense budget in depth over the past few years at both the Kennedy School and the Fletcher School, I have written the following memo outlining ways in which the DoD can cut $150 billion from the defense budget by 2016.

US moving from manufacturing China to...Mexico?

Mexico is the hot new import market -- The United States' growth in trade with Mexico is surpassing its growth in trade with China as our neighbor's manufacturing becomes more efficient and it increasingly takes advantage of its closer proximity to end users. In his Journal of Commerce column, Peter Tirschwell outlines how Mexico's gang warfare and the squabbles over the North American Free Trade Agreement haven't prevented it from boosting its exports to the U.S. He doesn't suggest that China won't still be a huge source country, but more that the U.S.'s appetite for imports might be sated more by Mexico than previously thought.

Have some drugs with your junk food.

'Give out statins with junk food' -- Fast food outlets should consider handing out cholesterol-lowering drugs to combat the effects of fatty food, say UK researchers. Taking a statin pill every day would offset the harm caused by a daily cheeseburger and milkshake, the Imperial College London team said.

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