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Baby Boomers in trouble.

Another Threat to Economy: Boomers Cutting Back -- America's baby boomers -- those born between 1946 and 1964 -- face a problem that could weigh on the economy for years to come: The longer it takes for the economy to recover, the less money they'll have to spend in retirement. Policy makers have long worried that Americans aren't saving enough for old age. And lately, current and prospective retirees have been hit on many fronts at once: They have less money, they earn less on what they have, their houses aren't rising in value and the prospect of working longer to make up the shortfall has dimmed significantly in a lousy job market.

Forget low labor costs: China's using resources as investor bait.

China Dangles Rare-Earth Resources to Investors -- China controls around 95% of the world's rare-earth output, a near-monopoly it has slowly built with the help of its export quotas to achieve higher prices for the ores, which include obscure elements such as dysprosium and neodymium. The official's comments follow China's move in July to decrease its rare-earth shipment by 72% for the second half of this year to 7,976 metric tons. The latest move to restrict exports of the metals caused an uproar in the global market.

More people are flying first class.

Premium airline traffic increases -- The number of passengers buying premium airline tickets increased in June as economic recovery kept first and business class seats filled, the airline industry body IATA has said. Demand for premium tickets was up 16.6% compared with a year ago.

Rotton Apple?

Apple Supply Chain Manager to Be Accused of Accepting Bribes -- Known as Paul Shin Devine -- Apple's former supply chain manager is facing a long list of trials, social and public humiliation, and a federal grand jury indictment from Apple and its partners. Devine sure lost his career, his reputation and credibility through his sloppy moves. The guy is now famously known for leaking confidential information to company's suppliers so that they could negotiate better contracts with Apple. In return, Devine would charge a "hefty fees" for releasing such sensitive information.

Why only do work in "the cloud" when you can pretty much live there too?

Cult of less: Living out of a hard drive -- "I think cutting down on physical commodities in general might be a trend of my generation - cutting down on physical commodities that can be replaced by digital counterparts will be a fact," said Mr Sutton.

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