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Detroit revival!

Detroit Could Become Global Supply Chain Hub -- The Detroit Regional Chamber and Michigan State University have unveiled a strategic plan to build the region into a global supply chain hub with the potential to add 66,000 new jobs and increase economic activity $10 billion in the region over the next ten years. The strategy calls for capitalizing on the existing infrastructure and assets, as well as the location of the region, to build the area into a supply chain hub.

Maybe Naomi Campbell can do more than throw cell phones.

Analysis: Why diamonds aren't procurement's best friend -- "As one of the UN staff told us, '90 minutes on the witness stand by Naomi Campbell has given the issue of blood diamonds and the war crimes alleged against Charles Taylor more coverage worldwide than it's had combined in the three years the trial has been underway," he wrote. More than that, however, it has once more made the subject of supply chain risk fashionable at a time when the focus of the world has been trained steadfastly on the parlous state of the global economy.

Universal healthcare.

The Real Price Of Universal Health Care -- In an effort to pay for the sweeping reform, the new law will require businesses to file a 1099 tax form each time they spend more than $600 a year on goods or services from suppliers of individual-owned businesses or partnerships. The Feds estimate that this provision will raise $19 billion in tax revenues by making it harder for businesses to under report their income. It will also create an administrative nightmare for procurement and tax functions at businesses both large and small.

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