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Virginia looks at diverse suppliers.

State panel to review diversity program -- As part of his focus on job expansion, Gov. Bob McDonnell announced yesterday the formation of an advisory board to look at how the state awards contracts to small-business-, women and minority-owned firms. The Supplier Diversity Advisory Board is tasked with revamping and revitalizing the state's procurement program.

Data is interesting!

Officials hope new codes will sharpen procurement data reporting -- Agencies may have to develop unique codes for their contracts and orders under a new proposal meant to improve the quality of federal procurement data. The Civilian Agency Acquisition and the Defense Acquisition Regulations councils have proposed standardizing the use of unique procurement instrument identifiers (PIID) throughout the government and giving agencies policies on how to use the identifiers, according to a notice published in today's Federal Register.

Turkey gobble gobbles defense equipment.

Turkey looks to continue arms procurement despite questions -- At a time when many Western nations are moving to curb their defense spending, Turkey's defense procurement programs remains in place and is even increasing. Some analysts question the wisdom of this policy, but procurement officials say Turkey's strategic location makes it necessary to continuing acquiring conventional arms


What the Heck is a Sustainable Supply Network Anyway? -- The first thing you will notice is that I am bringing the concept of a supply chain into the 21st Century by calling it what it actually is...a Supply Network. A chain is linear, and has links above and below, while a network is dynamic and connected in many places. There is no chain in this picture, only a web of networks. In today's complex global business, it is imperative to recognize we have moved from supply CHAINS to supply NETWORKS.

Vacation time! Back on Tuesday. Have a good weekend everyone!

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