Best of Spend Matters — Top Views

Here's seven of our top posts based purely on site statistics: what YOU as the audience have read most over the years since Spend Matters' inception. I'll post the story and then the number of total views. Apparently you all like to read about Wal-Mart. Hm.

  1. Are you an ImportGenius or Should You Go Straight to the Source? -- 9,143 views.
  2. A China Sourcing Summer Shutdown? This is Not an April Fools Joke ... -- 9,788 views.
  3. IBM's Robert Moffat -- Colleagues and Experts Doubt His Involvement in Insider Trading Scandal -- 11,643 views.
  4. Wal-Mart: Does Local Sourcing = Good Marketing? -- 13,576 views.
  5. Tips from Wal-Mart: Questionable Supplier Management Techniques -- 20,504 views.
  6. Godfather of KPO and McKinsey Director Anil Kumar Arrested -- 28,401 views.
  7. Apple's Risky iPod Supply Chain -- 51,953 views.

ANNNNNNND the number one most viewed page on the site? THE "ABOUT US" PAGE!! Boring.

Sheena Moore

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