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From China and India to the more radical idea of bringing things on back home stateside, Outsourcing (both manufacturing and otherwise) and BPO have definitely been trending topics. What with melamine and cadmium tainted products, employee suicides, the use of conflict minerals, artificial currency levels -- not to mention an American dependency that won't quit -- China has seen its fair share of coverage this year. And with India's rising use of extremely modern technology and viable solutions, they join the ranks as well. See a year's worth of coverage of outsourcing trends, technologies, and topical matter below.

Labor Cost Arbitrage and Procurement Outsourcing: Why is This Still a Topic of Discussion?

Friday Rant: Six Things Procurement Outsourcing Firms Are Hiding From You

Is the Philippines an Overlooked Area in the Procurement Outsourcing Equation?

Even Lawyers Agree: Put Procurement "Firmly at the Core" of Outsourcing Strategy

Procurement BPO / Outsourcing Research Topics

BPO and Outsourcing Providers: Are They Banking on Your Involvement, if Not Your Spend?

Foxconn: An Outsourcer Takes to Outsourcing -- Worker Dorms

Three Views: Looking Forward and Looking Back in Procurement BPO (Part 1)

Three Views: Looking Forward and Looking Back in Procurement BPO (Part 2)

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