Friday Rant — What I'm Reading: Supply Chain Matters

I often get asked with the limited number of hours in the day, what do I spend my time reading? I honestly don't read more than half a dozen other blogs on a regular basis, not just for lack of time, but because I think my time is best spent looking at primary research and news, only periodically checking in on my favorites every once and awhile. However, one blog I always make the time for is Supply Chain Matters, authored by former large-firm tech analyst turned big picture thinker, Bob Ferrari.

Bob continues to do an excellent job with his own reporting and analysis, as well as offering up commentary on key supply chain, trade and related issues including sourcing and procurement from time-to-time. Perhaps this is why he's succeeded at building out an early set of advertisers, and has started down a much-deserved path to monetize his efforts, including the recent addition of a new sponsor.

Bob created an early set of fans within the supply chain community, among both advertisers and practitioners and consultants. There are few industry analysts in operations and supply chain who understand both the applied use of technology and the bigger picture that solutions must fit around. And there are even fewer with this background that have the dedication, time and wherewithal to write about their perspectives on a daily basis. I think Supply Chain Matters sometimes suffers through the same density of Spend Matters posts -- no one is perfect -- yet I find myself taking away something to use in conversation almost every time I read it. If your job or interest touches on supply chain or trade in anyway, I'm sure you'll get just as much out of it as I do.

From time to time, I'll continue to share with Spend Matters readers the sites that I enjoy and look forward to reading on a regular basis. Just as many of you have formed an attachment to this site, I think there are others like it that you might discover are just as useful, if not more. In the meantime, do check out Supply Chain Matters if you get a minute, especially if you value a combination of informed and opinionated commentary in the supply chain area combining trade, operations, economics and technology.

Jason Busch

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