Spend Matters Friday Latte

Organ supply and demand: would you donate a kidney if you got paid for it?

'Sell organs to save lives' -- Permitting sale would mean more people could get the organs they need. People should not be stopped from selling their organs because they have a right to do what they want with their bodies when they would not be harming others. And would allowing sale make more organs available? The most basic economics lesson says that supply increases with price.

Dell and HP at (bidding) war!!

Dell and HP escalate 3Par bidding war further -- Computer giants Dell and HewlettPackard (HP) have upped their offers again in a bidding war for data storage firm 3Par. In the latest twist, Dell agreed to match an increased $1.8bn (£1.2bn) total bid, or $27 per share, made by HP on Thursday.

Not such a dreamy situation.

Boeing Delays Delivery of Dreamliner -- The first of Boeing's long-awaited 787 "Dreamliner" aircraft will not be delivered until early next year, the U.S. manufacturer confirmed Friday, adding to a string of delays that has dogged the project and set back the introduction of the 300-seat jet by more than two years.

Not cruel, but unusual: punishing inmates with...blandness.

Dining Critic Tries Nutraloaf, the Prison Food for Misbehaving Inmates -- The mushy, disturbingly uniform innards recalled the thick, pulpy aftermath of something you dissected in biology class: so intrinsically disagreeable that my throat nearly closed up reflexively. But the funny thing about Nutraloaf is the taste. It's not awful, nor is it especially good. I kept trying to detect any individual element--carrot? egg?--and failing. Nutraloaf tastes blank, as though someone physically removed all hints of flavor. "That's the goal," says Mike Anderson, Aramark's district manager. "Not to make it taste bad but to make it taste neutral." By those standards, Nutraloaf is a culinary triumph; any recipe that renders all 13 of its ingredients completely mute is some kind of miracle.

Sheena Moore

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