Best of Spend Matters — Public Sector

Ah, government. From our own corrupt state of Illinois to the federal debates currently raging about the oil spill, universal healthcare, and Prop 8, we can never say there's a dull day here in the office on the political front. Enjoy the stories below, celebrating or berating those that we elect to take care of things. Or not.

The Biggest Spender in the World: Your Government

When Reverse Auctions Come Up Against "The Machine" in the State of Illinois

A Case for eProcurement in Government Purchasing -- Denying Politicians Their Take!

The Cost of Small Change: Feds Look for Parity in Coin Manufacturing

US Government Procurement: Walking on the Treadmill Without Shedding the Pounds

The UK and Beyond: Will World Government Financial Messes Lead to Increased Outsourcing?

Illinois Reverse Auctions Redux -- When Journalists Selectively Quote to Skew Stories

Friday Rant: Taxpayer Spend Management: New York City -- You'll pay me WHAT to Drive a Bus?

Is Unemployment Compensation Inhibiting Recovery?

Sheena Moore

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