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Cloud vs. licensed?

Puridiom Tackles the Great Procurement Debate -- Cloud vs. Licensed -- Puridiom makes both. Should more companies move in this direction, instead of choosing one over the other?

Brush up on your...Windows 7.

Procurement jobs: Windows 7 migration pressure to create demand for IT services -- Those in procurement jobs may find themselves in action in 2011 and 2012, when Gartner predicts there will be a shortage of highly-qualified Windows 7 migration personnel. Demand for these contractors is expected to exceed supply over the next two years, which could also increase higher procurement service rates.

I'm equally mystified by Windows 7.

Step up your spend management, India.

India loses $65 billion every year due to inefficient supply chain systems -- Inadequate supply chain infrastructure, complex taxation laws, high levels of intermediaries, product proliferation and lack of supply chain visibility are a few supply chain challenges faced by the retail industry in India. Though retail in India is making progress and is expected to grow more than $879 billion by 2018, the country loses $65 billion every year due to inefficient supply chain systems, says a study report.

Schmancy shoemaker Arche goes green, saves $$ in the process.

Shoe Retailer Cuts Transporation Costs 15% With Greener Supply Chain -- Arche, the designer footwear brand that manufactures and sells handmade shoes through eighty stores across Europe, North America and Asia, has streamlined its international operations with the help of Yourcegid Retail. The company has managed to cut distribution costs by as much as 15%, raise quality control levels to above 99% and increase productivity by around 5% in the last year.

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