Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Some patent humor to kick-start your afternoon.

How to read a patent in 60 seconds -- It can take hours or days to fully evaluate a patent. When time's short, here's the quick and dirty way to figure out what the patent covers, usually in under a minute.

Department of Defense gets some new procurement guidelines.

What impact will new DoD procurement procedure have? -- Changes are coming to Defense procurement, and they're all part of Defense Secretary Robert Gates effort to cut $100 billion over the next five years from back end operations so that money can be spent fighting wars.

In more government procurement news.

Obama administration working on new framework for IT procurement -- The Obama administration is developing new guidelines for how federal agencies should purchase and install computers and other technology, according to a memo released Tuesday.

2009: Good year for Bordeaux, bad year for actually buying a bottle.

New Whine: China Pushes Bordeaux Prices Higher -- Word is spreading that the top 2009 Bordeaux wines might be the best ever. And if they aren't the best, they're likely to be the priciest. Part of the reason is near-perfect weather in western France last year.

But wine makers and merchants also credit booming demand from emerging economies, especially that of China, where labels like Lafite and Margaux have joined Prada and Hermés as badges of wealth. Last year, China passed the U.S. to become Bordeaux's biggest export market by volume outside Europe.

Sheena Moore

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