Friday Rant: Red Dawn Remix — Making China the Bad Guy

I vividly recall images of watching Red Dawn as a child. Granted, the concept of a Soviet invasion complete with Patrick Swayze and his rag-tag band of cronies socking it to the commies from the hillside while drinking deer blood in the process is almost tailor made for a popcorn-filled 13-year-old boy. Given the politics of my parents at the time, however, I would not be surprised if they were rooting for the Ruskies just as much as I enjoyed watching the US rebels sabotage the Reds' assault on their small town (incidentally, my mother and father just about disowned me when I disclosed my real politics).

In any event, I've long felt that Russia is no longer the enemy we used to make them out as. After all, how could a nation drinking itself into the ground -- and failing to reproduce, despite the drunken stupors -- pose a material threat to us any more (aside from the thousands of nuclear armaments they still possess)? For this reason, I thought the latest instantiation of Iron Man with Mickey Rourke playing the old Soviet bad guy was slightly askance (See stories on the subject over on MetalMiner here and here). Yet I think others are starting to agree with me (finally) that China really should be the Hollywood enemy. The latest Red Dawn, which was originally due out this year but has been delayed, finally captures a Hollywood China as the enemy, invading the Pacific Northwest (as if lead toys, tainted blood thinner and hacking our computer systems was not enough).

Despite all the jokes we could make about China and this remake of Red Dawn -- which really was only a B- movie at best, in its original form and will probably be worse this time around -- we should rejoice a media/entertainment movement that stops taking aim at the Ruskies. After all, given China's massive military build-out, their continued breaches (much of which does not make the news) of our private and public network/computing infrastructure and their military legacy -- read Sun Tzu if you have any question in your mind about this -- isn't it time we all revisited who the Hollywood enemy should really be?

By the way, if you agree enough with me, why not contact the investors in Red Dawn 2010 and offer to toss them enough RMB to get the already complete feature film into theatrical release. Perhaps we'll learn in the process that it's not just a lack of funding that killed its planned 2010 release, but rather something more nefarious behind the scenes.

- Jason Busch (or was that Glenn Beck) with a hat-tip to Paul Martyn, who introduced me to a friend who worked on the filming of Red Dawn 2010

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