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Managing Supplier Risk in a Post-Recession Recession

Click here to register for a new Spend Matters webinar on October 7 featuring Jason Busch, Jim Lawton of D&B, and Rose Kelly-Falls of The Fuzion Group. With most indicators suggesting that the economy is no longer declining, but growth and rebound will be slow, there's more pressure than ever to manage suppliers effectively. One way you can meet this challenge is to take a collaborative approach in managing your supplier relationships.

Interesting supply chain coverage over on MetalMiner

Could US Rare Earth, Inc's Contract with Boeing Accelerate the Discovery of Enough Rare Earth Metals to Satisfy the US Supply Chain? -- A big story in the rare earth metals world hit the press yesterday as US Rare Earth announced a contract with Boeing to employ some of their technology which, when fully implemented, could scan wide areas from airplanes or satellites, and identify rare earth elements or other substances based upon their spectral fingerprints , according to TechNewsDaily. The story highlights the level of importance companies like Boeing have placed on rare earth metals and the lack of operating US rare earth metal supply chains.

Coke likes the ladies.

Coca-Cola to emphasize women in its supply chain -- Coca-Cola Co. plans to double the number of women in its supply chain, the company announced this week. Chief executive Muhtar Kent said the goal is to "empower" five million women entrepreneurs throughout Coca-Cola's global business system by 2020.

Also, look for an exciting Spend Matters announcement early tomorrow morning!

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