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House business.

Take this week's survey, Procurement Investment Priorities (Technology) and register for our webinar with D&B and The Fuzion Group, Managing Suppliers in a Post-recession Recession.

California examines human rights in the supply chain.

California Eyes Supply Chain Transparency Bill -- Investor coalition encourages Schwarzenegger to sign bill requiring retailers and manufacturers to disclose efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chain.

Windy Britain.

Wind Power Jobs Going Overseas -- It is probably fair to say that Britain is rarely first at anything but last week the tiny isle became the largest producer of electricity from off shore wind farms in the world. In fact according to an article in the Financial Times, Britain now generates more power from off shore wind than the rest of the world put together – to be fair that is only a small fraction of the total power generated from wind and contrary to some suggestions is no reflection on the excess of hot air that emanates from Britain's parliament.

Supply chain FAIL.

Dead mouse found in loaf of bread -- A food production company was ordered to pay nearly £17,000 after a man found a dead mouse in a loaf of bread as he made sandwiches for his children.

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