Spend Matters "Risk Management" Friday Latte

Going "green": feel-good deed, or backhanded risk management?

Sustainability Practices Are Really Risk Management -- It's not about going green. It's about making money and minimizing risk.

You know, I kind of believe them.

New BP Chief Seeks a 'Fast Evolution' -- "BP is a company that is coming back from a near-death experience," Mr. Dudley said in a telephone interview, one of several he gave on Thursday to introduce himself and describe his vision for the company. "We are not going to run away from risk. We are going to make sure we are among the best in the world at managing risk going forward."

Safety rules.

Plane Fires Prompt Battery Safeguards -- U.S. regulators are devising various ways to crack down on air-cargo shipments of computers, cellphones and other electronic devices that contain lithium ion batteries, despite stiff opposition from some of the biggest makers of those products. Prompted by the recent fiery crash of a UPS Boeing 747 cargo jet filled with electronic goods, officials at the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration have been working on enhanced protections against the flammability of rechargeable batteries, said people familiar with the matter.

Fischer Price recalls millions of tricycles, toys, and high-chairs.

The latest child safety recalls

It's been a crazy travel week -- Look for Jason's video on the results of this week's poll on Monday afternoon!

Sheena Moore

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