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iPads are selling well. (I still don't want one).

Component supply chain anticipates 45 million iPad sales in 2011 -- Hidden by the excitement of news of a Verizon iPhone yesterday was some more words from the analysts -- and they're predicting monster iPad sales in 2011, particularly as Apple preps iPad 2.0. Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White reports that Apple is developing a smaller version of its uber-popular iPad and suggests that sales numbers of the original iPad could reach 45 million in 2011.


IMF chief's warning of currency war 'real threat' -- Global currency wars pose "a real threat" to economic recovery, the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has warned. In an interview with the BBC, he said currency disputes showed countries were not co-operating as well as they had during the financial crisis.

Looking at TCO before going to India or China.

East may not be best -- At first glance, buying goods from China and India may appear to be cheaper, but the reality can be different. Cheryl Phillips and Steven Melnyk look at a case study of total-cost-of-ownership Suppliers in the People's Republic of China and India often offer direct cost savings to purchasers. Most companies are fixated on these direct savings -- which can be sizeable and attractive. But are you aware of the total cost implications of outsourcing from overseas?

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