Spend Matters Friday Latte

Here I sit at 34,000 feet, en route from Chicago to Seattle (weddings, weddings, weddings, so many weddings). No used barf bags on this plane, thank goodness, though I am in the middle seat of row 30 on the 737. GoGoInFlight still amazes me. Anyway, here's some fun Friday news.

Didn't get to attend our live webinar yesterday?

Listen to it here. -- Managing Supplier Risk in a Post-Recession Recession had a great turnout. Don't miss the valuable information presented by Jason, Jim Lawton of D&B, and Rose Kelly-Falls of The Fuzion Group.

It's "smart people" awards season.

Which country has the best brains? -- Which countries have won the most Nobel prizes since 1901?

The future is here.

Smart specs unite world and data -- A lightweight pair of augmented reality glasses that overlay the world with digital content, such as directions or a travel guide, has debuted in Japan. The headset, created by Olympus and phone-maker NTT Docomo, uses augmented reality software on an attached phone.

Let's go, government.

Supply chain consolidation could save US government $500bn -- The US government could save an estimated $500bn over the next decade by undertaking a progamme of supply chain optimisation, it has been claimed. According to a new economic report released yesterday by the Technology CEO Council (TCC), the federal government can save over $1tr by 2020 by using technology to reduce waste, decrease duplication and attack fraud and abuse.

Sheena Moore

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