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Webinar slides.

If you'd like to have your own copy of the deck from last week's webinar, Managing Supplier Risk in a Post-Recession Recession, click here.

Face to ... robot?

Can avatars and hyper-real video conferencing replace business meetings? -- Its movements are jerky. Limbs are conspicuously absent. And in terms of function, it is essentially just a $3000 video conferencing system, doing what Skype does for free. But Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University believes his invention meets a real business demand, for hyper-realistic, face-to-face communication over long distances. "Text communication is very limited, and so is normal video conferencing. But with the telenoid, you can actually feel the presence of another person."

Twitter is blowing up.

After Building an Audience, Twitter Turns to Ads -- Twitter's startling growth -- it has exploded to 160 million users, from three million, in the last two years -- is reminiscent of Google and Facebook in their early days. Those Web sites are now must-buys for advertisers online, and the ad industry is watching Twitter closely to see if it continues to follow that path.

Sir Philip Green tsk tsks government spending in the UK.

Sir Philip Green says government waste 'shocking' -- Sir Philip has reviewed government spending, and says it is failing to make full use of its buying power. He said no business could survive the level of money that was wasted from the £191bn of spending he reviewed. He believes billions could be saved if the government did simple things like checking spending properly.

Exciting week in Chicago.

CEO's Gather for 'Group Think' -- The best place to test the pulse of corporate America will be downtown Chicago on Thursday and Friday as The Business Council swaps the usual country-club setting of its fall meetings for the self-styled risk-management capital of the world.

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