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Important base metal ETF news!

Base Metal ETFs One Step Closer to Launch -- Impact on Industrial Metal Buying Organizations -- Not one week ago did we interview Will Rhind, Head of US Operations for ETF Securities when we asked a simple question, "What are the prospects for a base metal ETF for aluminum and copper?" Will answered simply, "no comment". But that was October 7 and today is October 12 and not too surprisingly, ETF Securities has announced it plans to launch exchange traded products that will have the physical backing of a range of base metals according to at least two reports one from Barron's and the other from Reuters.

Education spend management.

College Dropouts Cost Taxpayers Billions, Report Says -- State and federal governments spent an estimated $9-billion between 2003 and 2008 on students who dropped out of college during their freshman year, according to a report scheduled for release on Monday.

Need a new place to live?

Flat rate for world's smallest apartment -- The former porter's cupboard - which measures just five square metres - was put on the market this week by the Italian owner who claims he's been flooded with queries.

In other real estate news: Depressing million-dollar London homes.

Neutrality proves fruitful, socially and monetarially.

Iceland 'best country for gender equality' -- "Nordic countries continue to lead the way in eliminating gender inequality," said Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. "Low gender gaps are directly correlated with high economic competitiveness. Women and girls must be treated equally if a country is to grow and prosper."

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