Rosslyn: Healthy Growth and Exploiting a Growing Niche in DIY Spend Visibility (Part 1)

Rosslyn Analytics, like Spend Radar and Vendormate, two other young, upstart providers in the spend analysis and supplier management areas, has been going through a very strong period of growth in the past year. In a recent call with Rosslyn CEO Charles Clark, Spend Matters learned that the firm is up to 35 employees and will cross the 40 threshold by year's end. In addition, the vendor, which has built a name for itself in the UK market by delivering a strong data acquisition capability and user interface as part of its spend analysis offering, is looking to expand its presence and operations in the US as well (Rosslyn was recently featured at the recent AECSoft event if that is any indication of partnerships to come).

How should we look at Rosslyn in the context of other spend analysis providers? In comparison to SAP's new Spend Performance Management offering (which leverages Analytics, Inc. decades-old IP base), Spend Radar and Zycus, feedback from Rosslyn users suggests that their cleansing/classification capability while solid, may not be quite capable as the strongest leaders in this area, especially from a self-service perspective. However, I would suggest that their cleansing/classification capabilities -- which are often carried out as a service -- compare reasonably well to Ariba, Emptoris, BravoSolution, Oracle and others.

Outside of automated cleansing/classification, the application is top notch in terms of analytics and usability, although those looking to drill into spending and other data sets in a powerful OLAP environment would be well advised to also consider BIQ, which is the leader in this niche area of the broader market (note, BIQ is often not an either/or decision for many companies -- some use it in tandem with other spend tools). Still, Rosslyn is one of the leaders in our book at "mashing-up" alternative datasets such as VAT, tariff and other information into a spend visibility environment, along with traditional data sets.

In Spend Matters view, Rosslyn delivers strong value at more-than-reasonable price points on the enterprise level (i.e., company-wide access). As a total spend analysis package, Rosslyn should be on the short list for those willing to consider a toolset that is not integrated with a broader supply management or source-to-pay suite. The initial $30K set-up (which includes cleansing, classification and limited enrichment services) and ongoing monthly fee is cost competitive or less than the fees charged by many other providers. However, Rosslyn recently announced a new, lower-cost offering for companies that prefer to pay by-the-seat and manage the cleansing/classification/enrichment process on their own. Stay tuned for our quick analysis of this lower-cost bundle in a forthcoming post.

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Jason Busch

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