Rosslyn: Healthy Growth and Exploiting a Growing Niche in DIY Spend Visibility (Part 2)

In the first post in this series, I provided a general update on Rosslyn Analytics, including a preview of a new do-it-yourself offering they recently launched. The new product, which in their words includes "more than 50 pre-built" reports in areas such as A/P, invoice, payment, tax and category analysis, is quite inexpensive on a per user basis, at only $99 per month. This price includes everything you would expect in a self-service spend analysis application: cleansing/classification capability, basic data enrichment capability, UNSPSC categorization capability, analytics and search features. It also includes a rudimentary contract management capability that's bundled into the price.

This self-service solution represents an outgrowth of the free version of the product that Rosslyn has offered in the past six months (which Rosslyn claims saw over 400 organizations/divisions of companies sign up for). However, many of these organizations did not have formal budget for the enterprise offering, which does not restrict the number of users and also includes fixed price set-up services. In other words, as Rosslyn's CEO Charles Clark puts it, the new product is ideal for companies that need access to their spending data but "don't have a $100K budget."

Charles mentioned that many of these companies would opt for a handful of seats with the new solution, but probably less than a dozen overall. Which, if you do the math, would bring the annual cost in at around $10K or less for an average deployment. I suspect at this price point, if they get the sales and marketing right, that they'll have a good number of takers (potentially including companies who have access to other BI and spend analysis tools, but not practical ones at the divisional level for collecting and slicing and dicing spend and related data to drive both sourcing savings and recovery spend recovery -- e.g., tax, VAT, overpayment -- opportunities).

Going forward, Charles hinted that we'll soon see an evolution of Rosslyn's strategy to leverage its core platform (both technology and hosting/cloud) in new ways, with a range of potential partners. Spend analysis will remain core, but they'll work with other partners to host, deliver and build out additional capability alongside their homegrown offerings.

Jason Busch

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