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Google creates more awesome stuff.

Google creates new inflation measure -- Google has created a new inflation measure -- the Google Price Index -- based on the cost of goods sold online which could prove more accurate and up-to-date than official statistics.

More cloudy days ahead of us.

Clouds thicken over the supply chain -- A cloud seems to be descending on distribution, and that's probably a good thing for companies looking to save money. The cloud in this case is not a mass of water particles, but cloud computing, the latest development in information technology. A new report from the research and advisory group Gartner suggests that companies are increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions for supply chain applications and that by doing so, they're shaving beaucoup dollars off their information technology expenses.

Where's the copper??

Is the Copper Market Hiding Two Million Tons of Stock? -- LME week is always a great time for headlines, either announcing new projects, major players transactions or what the LME loves best, market rumors! Well a Reuters report this week covered the comments made by the veteran market trader David Threlkeld, president of metals trader Resolved Inc regarding unreported stockpiles of copper on the world market. Or rather not on the market but hidden from the market because if Mr. Threlkeld is correct (and not just over imbibing on broker hospitality) the copper market could head in exactly the opposite direction that everyone else is expecting.

I'd like to see this happen in Chicago...pssssh like they have time.

Twitter feed for all Greater Manchester Police work -- One of England's biggest police forces is "tweeting" every incident it deals with over a 24-hour period. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is using Twitter to give the public an idea of the workload officers face.

Can Twitter really be used as a means of social and political activism? Fascinating article in The New Yorker on the topic: Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted.

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