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Is procurement becoming too complicated?

Complex procurement puts suppliers off -- Complex procurement practices are deterring most suppliers from bidding for public sector work according to the National Federation of Builders (NFB). Inefficient tendering is among the main complaints from members of the NFB, which includes the Electrical Contractors' Association, the Federation of Master Builders and the National Specialist Contractors' Council. Some 49 per cent of the 652 members said they struggled with the pre-qualification process set down by buyers.

3-D is flashy, connectivity to the web is practical.

While 3D TV Captures Consumer Attention, the Industry Tunes Into Connected TV -- "I think most of the TV supply chain senses that this is a seismic shift in the usage of TV that will be far more significant than 3D, which will not alter TV function or usage patterns."

Let's get that Dreamliner delivered.

Boeing names new supply chain vice president -- Mo Yahyavi, former head of Boeing's 747 and P-8A production programs, has been named the company's new vice president of supply chain management. Yahyavi will keep close watch over Boeing sometimes troublesome major suppliers. Yahyavi will be paying particular attention to Italy's Alenia. Alenia in recent months has been in Boeing's doghouse for problems involving its production of the 787 Dreamliner horizontal tail.

I suppose they would be the experts...

UPDATE: BP To Lead UK Project To Develop Deep-water Well Cap -- BP PLC (BP) will lead a group of oil companies operating in the U.K. in the design and procurement of a device that could cap a deep-water blowout similar to that which occurred in the Gulf of Mexico this summer, industry body Oil and Gas U.K. said Monday.

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