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VERY interesting "commodity" news.

Personal data could become commodity -- Companies that want to make use of the personal information people put online should pay for it, the US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has said. It made the statement as it released a list of five technology trends to watch for the year ahead.

Even the verb we use to describe data collection suggests this trend: mining.

US dollar strengthens due to Chinese interest rate hike. Commodities and equities don't.

Chinese Hike Boosts Dollar But Hits Equities, Commodities -- News that China's central bank is set to raise interest rates sent shockwaves through markets Tuesday as it ramped up speculation that global political powers could be nearing a deal on exchange-rate tensions.

Speaking of data mining...

More Questions for Facebook -- U.S. Reps. Edward Markey (D., Mass.) and Joe Barton (R., Texas) sent Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg a letter expressing concerns that "third-party applications gathered and transmitted personally identifiable information about Facebook users and those users' friends." The two representatives are co-chairmen of the House Bipartisan Privacy Caucus.

Sorry if you wanted to be Lady Gaga in her meat dress for Halloween.

Jersey butchers warn against wearing a Lady Gaga meat dress for Halloween

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