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Facebook and procurement.

Is the Facebook generation the key to procurement's future? -- As social media begins to integrate into corporate life, procurement can play a key role observing and analysing all sides of the business. It is perfectly positioned between the customer side, internal stakeholders and the supply side to become a centre for spend intelligence. This increased visibility of data resulting from the management of social customer relationships, social internal stakeholders and social supplier relationships will provide procurement with information-rich data which will permit increased collaboration, agility and faster decision-making. Friend Spend Matters on Facebook!!

Invoice. From your phone.

Supply Chain Management and eInvoicing Arrives on Apple iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile 7 -- Perceptant, a pioneer of cloud computing business solutions for supply chain rationalisation, einvoicing and electronic data interchange (EDI) today announced a range of solutions designed for mobile computing. Designed to drive new efficiencies and increased collaboration between field operatives, supply chain professionals and customers, the solutions include mobile electronic invoicing, transport ordering, delivery tracking, proof of delivery (POD) issuing, inventory reporting, stock-out validation and point of sale (POS) visibility via Android, Windows Mobile 7 and Apple iPhone & iPad devices.

New York goes piecemeal with technology.

Microsoft Agrees to Unbundle Software in Deal With City -- New York City has put the squeeze on Microsoft, negotiating a bulk software purchasing deal that should lower technology costs for the city and give government workers access to more modern applications.

Why buy meat when you can hunt it for free...on the highway?

Crash, call, then eat -- Go ahead -- eat that deer you just ran over with your SUV. But first, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources requires that you now give it a call before converting that woodland creature into steaks or jerky. A DNR spokeswoman says the new policy is intended to help officials keep better track of "roadkill deer."

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