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Disaster relief supply chains.

The Chilean Mine Disaster Relief Supply Chain: A UPS Case -- The mine disaster in Chile that trapped 33 miners captured worldwide attention. The cave-in occurred on August 5th. Initially, officials in Chile announced a plan to get the miners out by the end of the year. Subsequently, they came up with two alternate plans--B and C.

Over on Forbes' CSR blog.

The Crisis of Counterfeits and Transparency in Developing World Medicine -- While disputes around the legality of certain generics from countries like India and Brazil persist, actual procurement models remain particularly problematic. (By procurement, I refer to a drug's ability to actually arrive at a point of service and a patient's ability to actually reach the point of service.)

A greener supply chain can begin with one loading dock.

A Greener Supply Chain -- For any supply chain, one natural place to start is at the loading dock. Implicit in the sustainability mission is the wise use of HVAC energy and temperature control. The challenge at the dock lies with the dozens of 8' x 10' doorways along the dock wall, facilitating the loss of a large volume of conditioned air. The avenues for escape through the dock doorway are equivalent to a 6' x 6' hole in the wall. This is where management should pay attention.

Yeungling, at 181 years old, finally thinks expansion.

After 181 Years, Local Beer Stops Playing Hard to Get -- Mr. Yuengling's frugal ways and his deliberate approach to growth are part of the formula that has enabled the 181-year-old regional brewer to survive industry consolidation and become a sought-after brand among distributors, retailers and consumers. Now, the fifth-generation brewing scion and sole owner is poised to make his riskiest move yet to expand the nation's oldest beer maker. Yuengling (pronounced ying-ling) announced last week that it signed a letter of intent to buy a former Coors brewery in Memphis, Tenn. The facility would be the Pennsylvania brewer's largest and could more than double the company's overall capacity and allow it to expand distribution into multiple states beyond its 13-state footprint in the Eastern U.S.

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