Spend Matters Friday Latte

Credit cards get some bling.

Credit Cards Soon to Get a Makeover -- Next month, Citibank will begin testing a card that has two buttons and tiny lights that allow users to choose at the register whether they want to pay with rewards points or credit, at most any merchant they please.

Les Questions de Dépenses Personnelles...

Are the French a bunch of lazy slackers? -- The French - if they're not on strike, they're taking long holidays or having extra days off thanks to the 35-hour week. That's a widespread view, as can be seen from comments on RFI's reports of the strikes against President Nicolas Sarkozy's pension reforms. But do the statistics bear it out?

No time to hit the fish market?

Live crab vending machine -- This live hairy Shanghai crab vending machine keeps the crabs at 5° C, at which temperature the poor crustaceans go into hibernation. If you give it some money and it dispenses a dead crab, the machine's owner will give you three free live crabs by way of compensation.

Why do we tune out radio?

All Programs Considered -- In polls, public radio is rated as the most trusted source of news in the nation. The audience for most of its programs dwarfs the number of subscribers to the The New York Times or The New Yorker, or the number of people who read even the biggest best sellers.

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