Big Changes on Spend Matters This Week

You've probably already noticed the new logo, header and color palette refresh on Spend Matters. Earlier this morning, we went live with our new look. After acquiring sister-site MetalMiner earlier this summer and deciding to launch a new UK/Europe effort (tomorrow is the big day), we decided it was time to bring all of the sites and brands in line with a graphically synchronized design. Spend Matters' original branding and design goes back six years now, and was due for an update. At the time, we had no idea the site would amount to anything more than a part-time hobby that provided beer money for the contributors. Tomorrow, as it turns out, we'll be buying the beer for our UK friends as Spend Matters goes global.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Peter Smith and I will be hosting an informal gathering to formally launch our UK/Europe efforts at a London pub (in today's fiscally prudent -- or would that be "austere" -- times, an upscale wine bar or club just did not feel right). We've invited some of our friends and colleagues from the vendor, media and practitioner worlds to join us to raise a pint to the new site. If all goes as planned, the site will be launched right around the time of the first toast.

Peter and I have been tickled at the early response we've gotten from initial and soon-to-be sponsors, many of whom will be joining us at the event. I've also gotten feedback from readers of the old site on the practitioner side that they're looking forward to seeing issues covered from a more global and European angle. One thing is certainly clear from this: our UK/Europe venture is launching to a receptive and excited crowd.

I'm not sure how much space we'll have left in the pub tomorrow at 5:00 PM in London, but if you'd like to join us, please drop me a line and Peter and I will attempt to sort through our available capacity. Aside from our UK/Europe launch, there's much to celebrate and plan for in the Spend Matters world. MetalMiner recently overtook American Metal Market (AMM) from a traffic perspective -- if you believe the third-party ranking sites and our own traffic stats compared with AMM's trailing data -- making it the largest online US trade publication in the metals market. So much for the "little metals blog that could," as I once described it. In addition, we've had a number of discussions with potential partners as we investigate the launch of a new Spend Matters effort in 2011 looking at cost savings potential in a single market segment that consumed 17.3% of US GDP in 2010.

In terms of our new look/feel, you'll see some small tweaks to our new design in the coming weeks, including visual cues to help sort through what you're reading (e.g., op/ed vs. news vs. reviews) as well as who is the author of a given post. We'll also be launching four new Spend Matters Compass research papers in the course of the next five weeks along with some interesting plans for MetalMiner as well. In the meantime, I'd like to thank all of you for helping build Spend Matters into what it is today. Without our readership and the support of our sponsors, none of this would be happening.

Jason Busch

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