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"Off is the new on."

Low-power computing promises to boost companies' profits -- Unlike consumer chips from Intel or AMD, IMEC's microchips are not meant to be powerful - they are the exact opposite. They have been tweaked to run on the tiniest amounts of power - so tiny, in fact, that they can run on energy harvested from small movements or temperature differences in the environment.

Keep it safe, China.

Safety Chief Warns China on Toys -- Chinese toy makers will be hit with more recalls by U.S. regulators until they do a better job of attacking the root causes of safety defects, the head of the U.S. agency that regulates products said ahead of a visit to China this week.

Bullying as a public health issue ... that costs a lot of money.

The high price of bullying in the US -- A global report released on Monday by children's development organisation Plan International gauges the economic impact of school violence, which it categorised as corporal punishment, sexual abuse and bullying. The US pays a high price for its youth violence, both in and out of schools. Plan estimated the total cost of all forms of youth violence at $158bn (£100bn).

Having trouble paying attention throughout the day? You're not alone. And blame the internet.

Nicholas Carr's The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing To Our Brains -- The Web is designed to allow you to move rapidly between interlinked pages, but even if you don't click a link every few minutes, this is an arena of constant distractions.

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