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Taking care of business in the Phillipenes.

Businessmen to launch all-out war vs. corruption -- Business executives in the country are fed up with the prevailing corrupt practices in procurement and supply management and have lined up a series of initiatives aimed at stopping unethical dealings that have cost businesses as much as 50% of their investments here.

Chicago needs to learn how to watch its budget.

City watchdog offers cost cut recommendations in controversial report -- Chicago faces future annual budget shortfalls of more than $1 billion, but it has options that could cut $250 million in yearly costs, the city's top internal watchdog concludes today in a report that's sure to stir controversy at City Hall.

Food will still be (relatively) cheap, for now.

Inflation Outlook for Food Still Tame -- The Agriculture Department is standing by its forecast for unusually tame food-price inflation this year but warned Monday that the broad rally in farm commodity prices since midsummer will take a bigger bite out of consumers' wallets next year.

Who needs travel insurance?

Does Travel Insurance Cover Terrorism? -- Recent data indicate that most of you are ignoring the government's latest alert about increased terrorism activities in Europe. Instead, you're going ahead anyway. Some are planning to try to minimize risks, while others are scoffing at the "threat."

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