Across the Pond Weekly Round Up: Spend Matters Europe/UK

Every week from here on out, we'll do a post on Thursday afternoons that features a round up of what's happening over on Spend Matters UK/Europe.

First order of business: The UK/Europe site went live this week, and Jason was in London to celebrate. Here's what Jason has to say about the launch (over on our new site), and here's Peter's opinion.

Peter presented in Copenhagen at the Federation of Danish Knowledge Advisers annual meeting and conference about buyers really understanding what it is they want from external advisory support and how contracting for outcomes, deliverables and outputs, and risk sharing mechanisms can help assure that providers deliver real value.

In more boring blog titles, (Peter said it, not me!!), Aligning Procurement with wider business strategy. Why do Procurement Directors get fired? Peter gives three reasons, and they're good ones.

Sheena Moore

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