Spend Matters Afternoon Coffee

Big companies call for cloud compatibility.

Big name firms form alliance to drive cloud standards -- Some of the world's biggest companies are using their market clout to demand that computer equipment makers change the way they make their machines. The 70 firms, which includes BMW, Shell and Marriott Hotels, said systems that do not work together are holding back the spread of cloud computing.

Because we all love political ads so much.

US record breaking mid-term election campaign spending -- House and Senate candidates have shattered previous fundraising records and are set to surpass $2bn (£1.3bn) in spending for US mid-term elections campaigns.

Target pinches pennies and angers consumers.

Target shortchanges shoppers with certain coupons -- Target Corp., the mass merchandiser with about 1,750 stores nationwide, for months has been shortchanging its customers who use certain manufacturers' coupons by crediting them for a fraction of their face value. Target is calling it a computer glitch. Avid coupon users are calling it an outrage.

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