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Disruption is everywhere!

Over 70 Percent of Organizations Recorded at least One Supply Chain Disruption in 2010 -- The average number of identified supply chain risks in the past 12 months was five, with some organizations reporting over 52. In addition, 20 percent of companies admitted they had suffered damage to their brand or reputation as a result of supply chain disruptions.

European Union garbage.

EU Gets Tough on Waste Regulations and Procurement Rules -- The European Union is getting tough on breaches of waste regulations and public procurement rules by member states, with several countries at risk of finding themselves in the dock.

Facebook cracks down.

Facebook uncovers user data sales -- Facebook has taken action against developers it caught selling user names and contact lists. The sales were uncovered as Facebook investigated a web browser bug that let user IDs be shared inadvertently.

Want to move to Mars ... Forever?

NASA and DARPA Plan 'Hundred-Year Starship' To Bring Humans to Other Worlds And Leave Them There Forever -- NASA and DARPA have joined forces to build something called a Hundred-Year Starship, according to the director of NASA's Ames Research Center. Simon "Pete" Worden said NASA contributed $100,000 to the project and DARPA kicked in $1 million.

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