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No tech, no logistics: Inside the world's best supply chain -- They have no employees, no technology and most can't even read or write. Yet the dabbawalas of Mumbai have one of the best supply chains in the world. While 85 per cent of the dabbawalas are illiterate, only one in 16 million of their deliveries go astray - an enviable record, and one that has won the dabbawalas a six-sigma rating for reliability and a place on the syllabus of various business schools.

Speaking of India...

India IT firms say US rejecting business visas -- ...there has been growing concern in Washington that outsourcing to cities such as Bangalore - the IT hub in southern India - is worsening unemployment in the US.

Lost in Google translation or just a cloudy explanation...

Ariba Reports Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2010 -- Ariba, Inc., the directive bourgeois of collaborative playing mercantilism solutions, today declared results for the ordinal lodge and business assemblage ended Sept 30, 2010.

Government says MICROSOFT, Google says "what about us??"

Google sues US Department of Interior -- The law suit alleged that a recent tender request to supply the federal agency with email and collaboration technology was biased against the technology giant because it said that the offering must form part of the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite.

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