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Royal Wedding = Economic Stimulus??
Prince William's $1 Billion Wedding Gift -- Retail consultancy Verdict says that the royal wedding could add around £620 million (that's more than $980 million) to the British economy by boosting tourism and retail sales, suggesting we should not underestimate the power of tacky commemorative mugs and plates.

Lean, mean, procurement machine.
Trimming the Fat From Indirect Procurement -- When it comes to the procurement of all the materials that make a manufacturing facility run, from drill bits, to safety goggles, to light bulbs and janitorial supplies, tracking down suppliers isn't the problem. There are thousands. But reducing the amount of time and energy spent to purchase those key operational items is far trickier.

Au Revoir, SAP and Oracle.
France Telecom ditches Oracle and SAP for its supply chain -- France Telecom, parent company of mobile operator Orange, has opted for an ERP system from IFS to support its supply chain. The IFS solution replaces solutions from both Oracle and SAP that the company had used previously.

The World's Most Expensive Scotch Whiskey -- Last night Sotheby's in New York auctioned of a rare and extremely aged blend of The Macallan scotch whiskey -- for $460,000. It broke the record for most expensive whiskey and decanter ever sold, claiming the title of world's most expensive scotch.

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