Spend Matters Friday Latte

Is it a "crazy bad" trade climate as well?
U.S. Embassy: Beijing air quality is 'crazy bad' -- Pollution in Beijing was so bad Friday that the U.S. Embassy, which has been independently monitoring air quality, ran out of conventional adjectives to describe it, at one point saying it was "crazy bad."

A sticky situation.
City Cancels City Sticker Vendor Contract -- That's because the City Department of Procurement Services canceled the five-year, million dollar contract they awarded to SecureMark Decal Company.

Coming to America.
EADS, Airbus to open U.S. Sourcing Office -- Airbus and parent EADS have put a lot of work recently into highlighting how many of their suppliers are American. Now, EADS North America and Airbus Americas are setting up a joint U.S. Sourcing Office to further boost their buying in this country.

Poor Apple.
Apple Inc. Rumors – Supply Chain Woes Hurting Macbook Air? -- Apple beat out Google and Amazon for rights to Beatles' music.

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